We’re working to make online research & educational materials free to read, share, and modify for all.

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We believe in Open Access—the free, immediate, online availability of research articles—to ensure that anyone with an Internet connection can read, use, and build upon research findings.

Research Data

We advocate for Open Research Data so that anyone can freely download, copy, analyze and re-process data. We believe Open Data encourages transparency and collaboration among researchers, accelerates discovery, and allows the public to engage with publicly funded data.


We believe in Open Education to maximize the power of the Internet to make educational materials more affordable, more accessible and more effective for learners. We advocate for Open Education so that teachers can share, adapt, and build off existing materials.

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The application period for OpenCon 2018 on November 2-4 in Toronto is now open! The application is available at https://www.opencon2018.org/apply and includes the opportunity to apply for a travel scholarship. Applications will close on July 13th at 11:59pm U.S. Pacific Time.
SPARC and the Right to Research Coalition, in partnership with York University, Ryerson University, and the University of Toronto, are excited to announce that OpenCon 2018—the flagship global meeting of the OpenCon community—will take place on November 2-4 in Toronto, Canada.
OpenCon 2017 Campinas was the second edition of our satellite event that took place on October 27. As well as our first meeting, we ran it before the main conference in combination with our National Science and Technology Week.  It was a one-day event focused mainly on Open Education. This year, we offered...

Upcoming Events

Friday, September 07, 2018 at 09:00 AM Mountain Time (US & Canada)
CU Boulder Rec Center in Boulder, CO

OpenCon Boulder

Register for free today! bit.ly/OpenConBoulder18 Registration will close August 31.

Are you a student wanting more affordable textbooks? A librarian seeking more information on Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data? Are you a professor curious about open research and interested in supporting more affordable textbooks for your students? Then OpenCon Boulder is for you!

This full day event will start with a keynote from Dr. Bethany Wiggin, co-founder of DataRefuge and the Founding Director of the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities. Her scholarship explores histories of migration, ecology, language and cultural translation since the Columbian exchange on both sides of the Atlantic world. She aims to engage audiences beyond the academy to participate in making knowledge to connect the arts and sciences.

The keynote will be followed by a panel on “Building Towards an Open Access Future.” Panelists for this event will include a variety of Colorado stakeholders in higher education:

Shelly Miller, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, CU Boulder
Shea Swauger, Researcher Support Services, Department Head, Auraria Library
Laura Michaelson, Postdoctoral Researcher, Psychology and Neuroscience, CU Boulder

Following lunch, we will take a deep dive into Open Educational Resources (OER) for a full afternoon advocacy workshop, and an update about local initiatives and legislation. Each attendee will leave with their own engagement plan to apply workshop lessons to their own context and goals.

Join us on September 7 at University of Colorado Boulder to learn, advocate, and lead for open research and more affordable textbooks!

Saturday, September 29, 2018 at 09:00 AM Buenos Aires

OpenCon 2018 LatAm

OpenCon 2018 LatAm se celebrará el 29 de Septiembre de 2018 en la Universidad Metropolitana para la Educación y el Trabajo (UMET) en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Argentina). Hay importantes charlas, debates y talleres sobre Acceso Abierto, Educación Abierta y Datos Abiertos. Debajo pueden encontrar nuestro programa preliminar y reservar su lugar para asistir al evento aquí (RSVP).

Para conocer los detalles de la llamada a presentaciones y proponer una plática o desconferencia, haz clic abajo en 'Submit'. Dudas y comentarios pueden comunicarse al correo openconlatam@gmail.com.


La conferencia anual OpenCon global convoca a los estudiantes más prometedores y profesionales académicos en primeros años de carrera que impulsan el acceso abierto, datos abiertos, recursos educativos abiertos, y muchos otros aspectos de la cultura científica y de educación abierta. 

La representación latinoamericana en la comunidad OpenCon ha ido creciendo desde el año 2014. En OpenCon 2016, tuvimos el mayor número de participantes latinoamericanos hasta la fecha y por primera vez pudimos realizar una sesión totalmente en español y portugués. Tuvimos participantes de 10 países: Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, México, Nicaragua, Perú y Puerto Rico. El resultado de esa sesión fue la formación de un comité internacional de organización dedicado a promover una reunión satélite regional- OpenCon Latinoamérica (OpenCon LatAm). Se realizó por primera vez la OpenCon 2017 LatAm en la UNAM (México). Ahora, vamos por la 2da en Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Nuestra meta con OpenCon LatAm es reunir a estudiantes, profesionales de la  carrera temprana, profesores, financiadores y más, que enfrentan estos desafíos todos los días y están listos para hacer una lluvia de ideas de soluciones y abogar por el cambio a nivel institucional, nacional e internacional. Nuestro objetivo es forjar nuevas conexiones entre organizaciones en cada uno de nuestros países para coordinar los esfuerzos mundiales de promoción. Además, esperamos que nuestro evento conduzca a colaboraciones transfronterizas que beneficiarán a los sectores de ciencia y tecnología de cada país y aumentarán la visibilidad de la investigación latinoamericana.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 10:00 AM West Central Africa
University of Ghana Legon in Accra, Ghana

OpenCon 2018 Accra

Open Access Week, is a global event an opportunity for the academic and research community to continue to learn about the potential benefits of Open Access, to share what they’ve learned with colleagues, and to help inspire wider participation in helping to make Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research.

The objective of the event is to create awareness about open access week and also build momentum around the topic of open access, data and open education which is not very rampant in a county like Ghana and also use the opportunity to connect with the community to engage in outreach & Collaboration tools for events, networks, campaigns, and research, development, and sharing of best practices on open access and open education.


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